What's in Your Hand?

What's in Your Hand?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Tomorrow will make two years since the quake that rocked Haiti. It seems like several lifetimes ago.
I was about to start my first sign language class at the community center in my small town. I was desiring to work with the deaf in Haiti and offered this class for a donation to the work in Haiti. As the students entered in a took a seat my cell phone rang. It was Pastor Frank from the Source church. He was not my pastor  at that time but we had worked together in youth ministry a few years earlier. His voice was serious when I answered. "I just heard the news about  Haiti. I am calling to see if your daughter is alright." My heart raced as I told him I had not heard anything. I could not image the images that would fill my TV screen in the days to follow.
I powered up my laptop and within five minutes had a message from my daughter. "We're fine." That was all. At the moment it had to be enough. The director of Joy in Hope followed up with a phone call. We were so blessed to have not lost communication with Gwenn and Nick. The amazing fact was that most had lost communication but by God's grace they still had Internet. Not always dependable but as least we were not completely cut off.
Because they were still able to communicate somewhat the countless inquires began to pour in. Families looking for families. Friends looking for loved ones. Joy in Hope on the ground in Jacmel became the eyes and ears and hands and feet. They worked at fever pitch for months on end. No matter how much was done there was still more that needed doing. In the midst of all that was going on there was still a family to care for.
For my part Haiti began to pulse through my veins. I loved Jacmel before the quake I mourned for her after.
Their orphanage was standing but for many weeks the staff and family feared going back inside. The after shocks continued for many months. The after effects are still very evident. The emotional aftershocks continue. For Gwenn and Nick..and for all of Haiti. Two years and 200 thousand lives ago.
Pa Bliye Ayiti. Don't forget Haiti.

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