What's in Your Hand?

What's in Your Hand?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Still here~

It is my firm belief that blogs should be regularly updated..like every three and a half years or so. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I half forgot I even started this blog. But in spite of me Jacmel Bay is still a beautiful little entity both in Jacmel, Haiti and in the USA.

Tomorrow will mark the six year anniversary of the 7.0 Haiti earthquake that devastated the Pearl of the Antilles and rocked my world. Like the death of JFK and 9-11  the moment I heard the news was etched into my brain and heart  leaving me forever changed. The memories are almost (nightmarishly) dream like or like remembering a movie that you saw a long time ago that scared you so much you had to hide your face and sleep with the lights on. But still... my deep love for Haiti and her people remained and I completely supported my daughter and son in law's decision to continue to make Jacmel their home.

Jacmel Bay has had a beautiful board walk face lift.

Jerry will always love a kite.

Laundry day.

Beach trip #1
Beach trip #2

 Because Gwenn and Nick lived in Haiti I had the honor to be a part of the story..a small part but still a part.
We are in transpiration now as Gwenn and Nick and the American children have relocated back in Raleigh, NC. It is great to have them a short 200 miles away. Adjustment will take time but time as they say heal all wounds..ok..that might not be completely true. But they will learn a new normal. Something they have done time and time again as they have needed to reinvent themselves for the last seven years.Like their move to Haiti I completely support their decision to come back. Both moves were hard ones.
The children of Joy in Hope are now under the care of a good friend named Sarah Wallace a midwife in Jacmel. She is the founder of Olive Tree Projects. From now on Jacmel Bay will donate 25% of sales money to this organization to continue care of the children.
BUT the story is not over! In fact tickets have been purchased for March and I will be traveling with Gwenn and Nick and their children to spend some time in Jacmel. There is still work to be done and more than that there are children to be visit!

Artist Gerzie and her beautiful baby.
Me with artists Nesly, Sicot and Fritza
Artist Frezian
I have continued to work with the same group of artists in the Deaf community in Jacmel. Over the last six years they have grown up! In fact there was even a baby welcomed to the group. While Jacmel Bay has not been in the position to offer regular work to the artists several of them have made local and foreign connections to continue selling their work. I will continue to work with them and hope to be able to find more opportunities to help them expand their business.
Jacmel Bay at night
Fritza and Nesly

They have also started a church for the Deaf in Jacmel that meets at one of their homes.  In March I will bring them a laptop and teaching materials for the Deaf to help them to grow in their faith and leadership roles.
So with 2016 there will be some adjustments.In a year from now we will look back and see how all the pieces fit together in this puzzle we call life. But the cool thing is that God sees the whole big beautiful picture. He designed it and it will be awesome.
Visit jacmelbay.com to see the back story and go mangine.org to read my daughter's blog.