What's in Your Hand?

What's in Your Hand?

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Baby's Baby

How blessed I am to be sitting here. For the third time in four years I am with Melody as she awaits the birth of her baby. Seeing a contraction register on the monitor as she talks to her daughter Evie on the phone she doesn't miss a breath.
It has been a long week. When I first arrived here in PA I was sure there would be a birth within the first day. Sometimes Castor oil and long walks, mowing the lawn and scrubbing the floors, acupressure and progressive relaxation or weeding the garden don't achieve the desired results. God ordained this child's birth and in the end He is in control of all of her days. So we waited and we wait.
But what a blessing this wait has been in some ways for me. For the first time in maybe 35 years I know what my natural sleep cycle is. I actually have gotten eight hours of sleep a night every night. I love going out to get the chicken eggs. I love the abundance of fresh berries and the long walking trails. Mostly I love spending some really good time with my grandchildren. I love when they call for me to ask for my help. I love when it just seems normal to be with them and it's not such an 'event' that Nana is there. I love the gentleness of my daughter's lifestyle. I love that Melody cloth diapers and carries her babies in a sling. And uses cloth napkins.
So we wait. We slow down and we wait. We allow God to usher in this little one and thank God that we can't choose and we thank Him that he really does know best. And we wait and we rest. In Him.

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